The canna community is awesome, and there are some really great blogs by fellow Stoney Babes. From The Weed Blog to The Stoner Mom, there’s really a cannababe blog for everyone.

We’ve picked out the best cannabis blogs of 2021.

5 Best Cannabis Blogs of 2021

The Stoner Mom

The Stoner Mom is a weed blog run by none other than stoner mom Kathryn! She describes herself as a “thirty-something, yoga-pants-wearing mom to four.” Super relatable, amiright?

When she’s not doing Target runs, rocking a minivan, cooking, cleaning, or tending to her kids, she’s running The Stoner Mom blog and enjoying recreational and medicinal marijauna. She’s a big advocate for the industry.

Kathryn shares strain reviews, product reviews, coffee talks, hosts a podcast, and regularly does giveaways. Definitely not a blog to miss out on!

She started her blog to help end the stigma of moms using cannabis. She says, “I want to show the world that cannabis users are just people. Normal adults living normal adult lives.”

So. Much. Yes.

High Times

Chances are, you’re familiar with High Times. It’s one of the leading blogs in the cannabis space, for good reason. Their blog is extremely comprehensive. Though it’s not as personal (and has less giveaways) than a blog like The Stoner Mom, it is a great source for canna news.

As their website states, “High Times is the definitive resource for all things cannabis. From cultivation and legalization, to entertainment and culture, to hard-hitting news exposing the War on Drugs, High Times has been the preeminent source for cannabis information since 1974.”

If you’re looking for the latest news and original reports, definitely check out High Times!

Hey Hello High

Ok, if you haven’t been there, stop what you’re doing and visit Hey Hello High right now. They’re a weed blog run by “a team of real stoner girls that believe you can 420 blaze it and live your best life, too.”

They offer pro-tips on all things cannabis, recipes, favorite products, and more.

Similar to The Stoner Mom, Hey Hello High is working to end the stigma surrounding cannabis users.

The Weed Blog

The Weed Blog offers a relatively comprehensive site for stoners, growers, and anyone interested in marijauna. They cover a lot of reports, studies, stats and legal stuff regarding marijuana.

“News. Culture. Science. Cooking. Growing. Industry. Advocacy. You can find this and so much more here,” they said.

Our favorite part about The Weed Blog is that they also work to end the stigma associated with marijuana. They have a whole section dedicated to Advocacy with stories and facts about the fight to end the marijuana prohibition.

Their blog is really seeped in activism and facts, with their focus being on legalization and changing the laws surrounding cannabis use.

Marijuana Mommy

We’ve got another amazing Stoney Mom here! Jessie Gill is the genius being the Marijuana Mommy blog.

She’s a cannabis nurse who “teaches patients and potential consumers about cannabis.”

She uses her blog as a patient resource for those seeking to benefit from medical marijuana. Jessie, formerly a hospice nurse, was injured in a “freak accident” at work. She suffered in pain from the spinal injury and tried to find something that would ease her pain and allow her to be a present parent: enter, marijuana.

She says that her quality of life has “skyrocketed” since becoming a medical marijuana patient. And now she passionately strives to help others and end the stigma around weed.

“For me, cannabis is a natural miracle,” she said.