Staying Stoney In October

Hey Stoney Babes, we love spooky season as much as the next gal.  So, we’ve put together all of our stoney, spooky season favs, games, playlists and more. Hope you enjoy!

Grab Some Witchy Wallpaper

Get Background Graphics For Your Phone To Match Your Stoney Witchy Soul.

A Spell To Do On Samhain

A Spell To Do On Samhain

October 31st, is known as Halloween, but also as Samhain, the Celtic start of the winter season. A time when fires were lit to help wandering spirits find their way when the veil was thin between the worlds of living and dead.  This time of year is also celebrated by...

How To Use Your Spell Candles

How To Use Your Spell Candles

Whether you're starting your exploration of Magick or already dabbling candles are a staple. Candles are frequently used to release energy and amplify it.  Leave them unlit on your alter can promote positive energy... and when you're ready to cast a spell or perform a...

Songs To Do Witchcraft To

A Halloween Playlist

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We’re not recommending that you add Ganja to all of them, but….