If you have a dairy, soy, and nut sensitivity, there’s great news for you: Starbucks is adding oat milk to its menu in stores across the nation.

The coffee chain announced on Wednesday that the wildly popular dairy alternative will be available in all stores starting in spring 2021. Starbucks had previously tested oat milk in 1,300 stores around the Midwest.

It should come to no surprise that the chain is using the widely popular (and delicious) brand, Oatly.

Starbucks initially introduced soy milk in 1997, according to Today, but demand for more plant-based options has skyrocketed since then. They’ve introduced both coconut and almond milk, but for anyone with a nut allergy, these aren’t very helpful. However, with Oatly along with the other dairy-free alternatives, there really should be the perfect option for everyone!