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Making fresh gingerbread and creating a beautiful house sounds awesome. But a lot of us don't want to or have
christmas roach clip
They're called "Christmas clippies"
hot chocolate charcuterie
They're beautifully designed, jolly and festive, and so much fun!
If you have a dairy, soy, and nut sensitivity, there’s great news for you: Starbucks is adding oat milk to
Christmas movies are playing, jingle bells are ringing…it's that time of year to snuggle up with a nice beverage. But


Stoney Babe Business Highlight


Gorgeous handmade roach clips from a small, woman-owned business? Yes, please! 

Corinne is a self-proclaimed beach bum at heart and crafter. Her beautifully designed roach clips “save your fingers and manicure.” 

She puts love into every piece. With over 100 FIVE STAR reviews, it’s clear that her customers recognize this.

Check out her Website, Etsy, and Instagram! Tell The Stoney Babe sent ya 😉