Whether you’re starting your exploration of Magick or already dabbling candles are a staple.

Candles are frequently used to release energy and amplify it.  Leave them unlit on your alter can promote positive energy… and when you’re ready to cast a spell or perform a ritual, just pick the right colors and get started.

Whatever you do, just be careful not to catch your pad on fire.

Speaking of fire, one of the reasons candle magick is so potent is that fire changes and breathes energy into everything it interacts with.  This transformational energy is powerful, accelerating your intentions and setting into action your spells.

Before you get into spell casting, it’s important to understand which colors of candles to use.


  • White: Purity & Protection.  It also promotes peace and serenity. It can be used to enhance personal insight and strength. (7th Chakra)
  • Black: Protection against negative spiritual energy. (1st Chakra)
  • Green: Healing & Prosperity. Use green when you’re ready to bring your ideas to life and amplify your prosperity. (4th Chakra)
  • Blue: Meditation& Tranquility. Represents The Moon. Helps you connect your chakras and heal emotional wounds. (5th Chakra)
  • Yellow: Clairvoyance & Communication. Use yellow to enhance your social skills and networking.  This can help bring in new career opportunities.  (3rd Chakra)
  • Red:  All The Love From Self-Love To Friendship And Partner Love. This is THE color to use for sex and passion.
  • Pink: Emotional Love & Harmony. Pink is about a more gentle love. Tender, embracing, welcoming. 
  • Purple: Spirituality & Intuition. Purple also boosts creativity.
  • Orange: Strength, Success & Joy. Like red, orange is a strong color that brings powerful traits. Use orange for ambition and joy in work and play.
  • Brown: Health, Energy, & Resources. Brown is a practical color that helps with all areas of resources.

Using Your Spell Candles


Using your spell candles may seem intimidating, but it’s easier than you think.


Step 1: Know Your Intention:

What are you trying to manifest or bring into your life? Be realistic, and specific. Also, remember to stay positive. As much as you might want to cast a karma spell on an enemy, just don’t do it.  Keep your karma clear, and let the universe take care of them. Now, set your intention into a single sentence.

Example: “I love my new job. It allows me to be creative while challenging my skill set. I’m good at it.”

Step 2: Get Your Spell On

Visualization is one of the most basic spells. It’s a great choice for the beginner.  Just visualize your goal, say your intention (that you set above), and light the candle.  Breathe. Let it go. That’s it.

Another great way to cast your spell is to write your intention down, see yourself getting what you want, and burn the paper. Now, let the intention go.  You’ve cast the spell. It’s done.

Step 3:  That’s It! Well, Sort Of…

Casting your first spell using candles doesn’t need to be complicated.  As long as you come into your spell open and positive (meditation first helps) and set your intention you can have success without a lot of bells and whistles.

HOWEVER setting rituals and sacred spaces can help amplify the spell and help you hold your intention for better success.

Some tips to do that include:

Setting the environment: a simple alter can help your energy flow in the best way possible.  Set up a clean space, cleanse before and after rituals, and use herbs and crystals during your spells that also represent your intention.

You can also mix and match your candles to help get the right intention.  Using different candles means you have to think about the elements that you’re looking for in your intention.  It means you have to go deeper and get down to the root of what you want.  Having a hard conversation? Maybe you would choose yellow, purple, white and green.  Set them around you and know why each one was chosen… Communication, Intuition, Peace, Healing…

Last, you can pay attention to the moon cycles or important days and use these to amplify your spell casting results.   Halloween, also known as the pagan Holiday Samhain, is a great day to focus on spells that increase your spiritual power and connect you to ancient loved ones.

So Mote It Be.