I’m sure if you’re an avid internet and social media user, you have heard of hot chocolate bombs by now. Desserts involving melting pretty-looking chocolate balls have been around and popular for quite a while. But now the hot chocolate bombs are all the craze.

Their concept is pretty self-explanatory when you read the name: hot chocolate bombs.

They’re chocolate balls filled with hot chocolate powder that melts and explodes (hence the bomb reference) when put it in hot water or milk—or when you pour hot water/milk over the ball in a cup if you’re feeling a little more bougie in your presentation. You can add other fun things inside the ball like marshmallows or some sprinkles which will spread out into the drink when the ball melts apart.

Since they’re so popular, it’s not too hard to find these in stores. I, however, recommend making them yourself at home!

A certain mold is usually needed to get the chocolate to form correctly, but Do It On a Dime found a way to create these yummy treats for only a dollar—yes, only $1!

Do It On a Dime with Kathryn is a Youtube page that has lots of DIY crafts and activities. So of course, she hopped on the hot chocolate bomb trend and came up with these DIY hot chocolate bombs at such a great, cheap price. She actually uses some empty Kinder Bueno eggs as her molds for the chocolate! There’s probably a lot of other things lying around the house that can easily be used to mold the chocolate into the necessary round-ish shape with the powder inside.

You only need some chocolate chips for melting and some hot chocolate powder. These are both super easy to find at any store and you can choose any type of chocolate you want, whether it’s white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. Marshmallows or any other add-ons are easy to find as well.

Shout out to Do It On a Dime for this DIY hack! Her video on Youtube gives a quick tutorial, so be sure to check it out and indulge in these hot chocolate bombs!