If you’re wanting a smoother hit with less smoke and ash, you may be interested in trying Asiatic cotton mallow papers, otherwise known as clear rolling papers. Besides the smoke and ash, they’re also just super cool looking. I mean, if you’re paying a lot of green for the green, you my as well show it off, right? Rolling with Asiatic cotton mallow allows you to do just that.  

Before we dive into the different options of clear rolling papers or how to use them, I want to clear up the biggest misconception out there: Clear rolling papers are NOT made from plastic. Though they do resemble plastic cling wrap, they’re actually made from a natural plant derivative – often asiatic cotton mallow – and they’re 100% safe. 

What is Asiatic Cotton Mallow?

To start, Asiatic cotton is a premium cotton produced in Asian countries, such as China, India, Asia, and Turkey. Asiatic actually means “relating to or deriving from Asia” and cotton is of the “mallow” family – so it’s basically just cotton from Asia. Asiatic cotton is known to be premium quality and is often used to create beautiful bedding, tapestries, clothing, and other supplies. 

How is Asiatic Cotton Mallow Used to Make Clear Papers?

Clear papers are often a combination of water, cellophane, and glycerin. While cellophane is commonly thought of as a petroleum-derived plastic product (ick!), it was originally created using cellulose – the main structural component of plant cells – over 120 years ago. Clear papers are made using the original method of producing cellophane, with cellulose (not petroleum!). 

The cellulose is harvested from the Asiatic cotton mallow (aka: cotton), and sometimes from Eucalyptus. From there, it’s turned into clear, flat rollable sheets. These sheets are then dipped in glycerin, another vegetable compound derived from fat found in plants. 

Thus, clear rolling papers are 100% biodegradable, natural, and derived from organic compounds. So, not only they are cool looking, but they’re also environmentally friendly and 100% natural.  

Please note, cotton isn’t needed to make the clear rolling paper since it can be made with other plants, like Eucalyptus, but it’s often used due its accessibility and price point. 

Choosing Clear Rolling Papers

Clear rolling papers are quickly gaining in popularity, and for good reason. They’re comparable in price to regular papers, but they have that edge of novelty and uniqueness. Plus, who doesn’t want to SEE their bud burning? It’s pretty fun. 

Beyond the price, they’re also becoming more and more accessible. Clear rolling papers can be found in everyday smoke shops, as well as in online stores and even on Amazon

Check Out Our Top 3 Favorite Clear Rolling Papers

  1. Aledinha

These Brazilian papers are 100% odorless, tasteless, and ungummed (in other words, they don’t have any adhesive, a preference for many rolling purists!). 

You can buy a 5 pack of mini booklets, 50 leaves a booklet (250 total), for $10.99 

  1. Glass

Glass clear papers are made from asiatic cotton mellow, so they’re 100% tree-free. They burn smoothly and produce less ash and smoke than comparable papers. 

You can buy a 5 mini booklets for a total of 200 papers for $8.36. 

  1. Trip Papers

Much like Glass papers, Trip papers are made from asiatic cotton mellow. They’re biodegradable and 100% tree-free. 

You can buy 4 booklets with 50 leaves each, for a total of 200 leaves, for $6.23. 

What Are The Pros and Cons of Clear Rolling Papers?

Like anything, clear papers have both pros and cons. Let’s dive in! 


  • They’re natural and 100% biodegradable. 
  • Tasteless. 
  •  Ungummed / Adhesive Free. 
  • Asthetically pleasing.
  • Slower, even burn. 
  • Won’t stick to your hands. 


  • Tasteless. This is both a pro and con, depending on your preference. 
  • Ungummed / Adhesive Free. Many prefer this, but others (especially beginners) may find it difficult to roll without adhesive. 
  • Clog easily if overfilled. 
  • Absorb moisture (so packing and storing doesn’t work well). 

What Do Stoney Babes Have To Say About Clear Rolling Papers?

It seems that people have mixed feelings about clear rolling papers. A lot of people love them for their aesthetic. 

Some people complain about them tasting like plastic, but others say it depends on the brand. We couldn’t find any “plastic-tasting” reviews on our Top 3 brands listed above. Initially, we had 7 brands, but there were too many mixed reviews with the other 5, so we chose to narrow to 3 really solid options. 

Overall, papers are really personal preference. Clear rolling papers made from asiatic cotton mallow, or other plants, DO roll and burn differently than paper-based papers. Now, if that’s a “good” thing is really up to the smoker. We love them, and we know a lot of people who do. But they’re not for everybody! 

“I like the clear cyclone cones. It’s kinda fun to watch your weed burn,” says MileHighKnitter.

“Cool but burn fast,” lizzz_eh shared.

“Sooo cool! It’s cool seeing the whole burning process,” originalbasicalien wrote.

“taste nasty, burn bad, the only pro is they look dope w the rite weed,” _highiamqveenstoner said.

“They refuse to burn evenly, running mofos,” said an anonymous stoney babe.

Check out some fun photos of the papers:

3 different strains in a clear rolling paper from r/trees

What do you think of clear rolling papers? Let us know!