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the weed blog
The canna community is awesome, and there are some really great blogs by fellow Stoney Babes. From The Weed Blog
If you’re wanting a smoother hit with less smoke and ash, you may be interested in trying Asiatic cotton mallow
I’m sure if you’re an avid internet and social media user, you have heard of hot chocolate bombs by now.
You are going to want to stop what you’re doing and head to Starbucks. There's a secret menu drink that's


Stoney Babe Business Highlight


Gorgeous handmade roach clips from a small, woman-owned business? Yes, please! 

Corinne is a self-proclaimed beach bum at heart and crafter. Her beautifully designed roach clips “save your fingers and manicure.” 

She puts love into every piece. With over 100 FIVE STAR reviews, it’s clear that her customers recognize this.

Check out her Website, Etsy, and Instagram! Tell The Stoney Babe sent ya 😉